Borodenko Fiodor Malakhovich
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Borodenko Fiodor Malakhovich (code 2-12-1-003)


Birthplace: village Seletskoe, Belorussiya

Wife - Borodenko ( ? ) Ulyana

Childrens: Vasilisa, Maria, Timofey

Place where lives: v.Urgun, Novosibirsk area, Russia of together

Peasant, do baskets for fruits, home utensil. Do a sleigh, telegi, droshky. Before that as in their village have organizing a collective farm beside it together with family a father (the whole six persons) was its property: homestead and house. Near by the house were built verandah and big winter-hangar (winter-shed) for the livestock. Courtyard was big, approximately eight are. On the one hand, courtyard inhered barn for grain and flour, but on the other hand bathhouse and summer-hangar (summer-shed) for live-stock, it was much commodious winter-hangar, because summer live-stock kept more. In summer-hangar was a roundup for horses, roundup for cortexes, roundup for sheep's and roundup for chickens and goose.

Also was big vegetable garden by size fifty are. There grew an onion, carrot, beet, turnip, rutabaga. Also there grew a potatoes, sunflowers, hemp – from she do a butter and do ropes. Wheat and rye sowed in the field, but hay mowed in the wood. On the winter left three horses, five sheep's and ram, one pig, fifteen chickens, three geese, two cows, two calf. The another get sold, and rammed for itself on meat. In winter in shed hunged mutton carcasses, salty pig fat lay in barrels, but as soon as they were installed frosts, the whole family sat to the table and do meat dumplings. Froze them on sheets of veneer and sacked in bags. Each winter freeze on 2-3 bags a meat dumplings. In winter froze milk in greater tureens (volume 5 liters), and in larder on bench such frozen milk lay not less than ten circles. When cows stopped be milked, we pricked these circles on the small piece, melted and used in the food. In 1931 year, with the beginning of forming the collective farms, we have left in the facilities only one horse, two cow and several rams because anymore allowed to keep. But when have orderred all deliver, Fiodor Malakhovich has presented in the collective farm a horse and one cow. All rams have cut and have sold on meat. Hereon Fiodor Malakhovich has left in Novosibirsk, become to work in one organizations by the coachman on horse.

In 1937 s its have accused as "enemy of folk" that it, ostensibly, has done "sawhorse a drumstick" (cigarette twisted from paper) from the Stalins portrait, which was print in the newspaper. Judged its "special three-tuple", have conferred ten years and have sent in the encampment on the Far east. Fiodor Malakhovich in this time was more than 60 years. From he did not come nor one letter, we think that it deceased on the road.