Borodenko Timofey Fiodorovich
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Borodenko Timofey Fiodorovich (code 2-13-1-011)


Birthplace: v.Seletskoe, Belorussiya

1 Wife - Borodenko ( Shkrobova ) Alexandra Mikhaylovna

2 Wife - Borodenko ( ? ) Elizaveta (code 2-13-3-071)

Childrens: from 1 wife - Ekaterina, Ivan; from 2 wife - Ivan

Place where lives: v.Urgun, Novosibirsk area, Russia

At a five-year age c parents has arrived in the village Urgun. Finished a grade school, together with the father, Fiodor Malakhovich, lead a peasant facilities. Timofey Fiodorovich was very calm, industrious. Much liked their own children, never punished. 

In 1931, when has begun a making the collective farms, he had its property: homestead and house. Near by the house were built verandah and big winter-hangar (winter-shed) for the live-stock. Courtyard was big, approximately eight are. On the one hand, courtyard inhered barn for grain and flour, but on the other hand bath-house and summer-hangar (summer-shed) for live-stock, it was much commodious winter-hangar, because summer live-stock kept more. In summer-hangar was a roundup for horses, roundup for cortexes, roundup for sheeps and roundup for chickens and goose. 

In 1931 year, when began association of peasant facilitieses in collective farm, in the collective farm to enter did not want, delivered there three horses and two cortexes, rest live-stock have sold. Timofey Fiodorovich has left in geological party, has caused there wife with childrens. In its village are brought back into the end of summer 1933. Its house have carried In 1935 on the station Evsino. Timofey Fiodorovich become to work in some company. One person its has organizined, they carried cargoes on horses. But, turns out to be, this company was not registered officially, and their all have arrested. But its someone has warned on arrests, it has taken little money and has left. It begin to work at the new mine "Pioneer" near-by from city Belovo Kemerovo area. Carried coal on the horse from the mine in houses of workers. 

In 1937 s, after have arrested a father, having withdrewed in Novosibirsk a mother, are brought back into the village, on the station Evsino. Only have arrived, through several days Timofey Fiodorovich have arrested, long kept in Novosibirsk prison, afterwards have sent some encampment in. Alexandra Mikhaylovna, its wife, long went, heard, for that it sits, and as long he sits. Nowhere answer has obtained. Hereon has gone to Shkrobov Emelyan Semenovich, its uncle. It is to live in Novosibirsk and was a public prosecutor. And it has written requests in different locations and has heard that Timofey Fiodorovich and put no need was that deal, on which its have arrested, long ago closed, but all are released homeward. And Emelyan Semenovich has obtained to its immediately have released, but that already has sat more one year, no way. Timofey Fiodorovich is returned homeward, is made to work in the bakery. First worked an assistant a peccary, afterwards master, but before the most war become a bakery manager. 

14 july 1941 Timofey Fiodorovich mobilized on the war. 

Recollect daughter: "Father has ed from work and they with the ma urgently have gone to mown a hay. Mowned a hay the whole week and dried, well, days stood solar. In a week a father has hired beside someone horse and bring hay homeward. Bring greater haystack a hay that live-stock was than feed. He come a summons on 14 july, arrive in war commissariat, in Cherepanovo. On the eve it bring us three bags of flour, and in the morning has left. Said that in two days their will carry through our station on Novosibirsk. 

Much thousand people are collected on the station. People have arrived and with the near village, all waited a train, thought that it stops. We with the ma roast pies, have filled a milk in bottles, have placed a pig a fat, bread, have collected all in the sac. Afterwards someone has said that train will not stand on stations, and we with the ma will quickly go to the traffic light. There train always go quietly, reduced a velocity. And well that we so have done. We have seen a father, I first has come running, gave him a bag with meal. Ma too has come running, has embraced its. We else go near by the train, thought, it will be stopped, and we will speak, but it begin to take a velocity and we lagged behind. But by station a train pass on the top speed already. People were hurlled, yelled and that that in coaches, and that that on station, but there nothing already it is impossible was understand who where, and nobody does not see, so quickly has проехал a train. Afterwards told that, having ridden off from our stations on 15 kilometers, train stood whole six hours, but here people not distances to bid farewell, so and have left. We although have shaken a pa a hand and have sent to eat." 

From he come the whole one letter, from beneath Moscow, afterwards it was wounded and has fallen into the captivity. Fallen Into the encampment close to the village Seletskoe, its native land. In that time germans else returned a wounded soldier relatives. One woman, either as other women (woman)s, went near the encampment, wanted to find relatives. Found its and has ransommed from the encampment, has withdrewed homeward. There it and live before the liberation by the Red army. Again has got on the front, relatives have got a notice that it disappear without guide to war under Mogilyov. 

In Belorussia beside he was given birth one more son, who wife has named Ivan.