Poluboyartseva Ekaterina Timofeevna
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Prokhorova / Poluboyartseva / ( Borodenko ) Ekaterina Timofeevna (код 2-14-1-031)

Births date: 05.05.1926

Birthplace: v.Urgun, Novosibirsk area, Russia

1 husband - Poluboyartsev Vladimir Efimovich

2 husband - Prokhorov Vladimir Alexandrovich

Children: Viktor, Galina, Alexey - all from the first husband.

Place where lives: Almaty, Kazakhstan

It has finished seven classes before the war in the village Urgun. In the october 1941 has left in the village Chilik, near by Alma-Ata. There it has finished 8-9 classes. In the september 1943 Ekaterina have directed to work a tutoress in the kazakh school in to village Codam, in 10-12 kilometers from Chilik. 

Ekaterina in november 1946 get married, but marriage is renderred unchancy, and through it has left from the husband. In 1948, along with its mother and son Viktor, has left in Kostroma and in Parftenyevo then.

Ekaterina get married for Poluboyartsev Vladimir Efimovich in 1949. Daughter Galina was given birth In 1950. 

In 1953 s by the whole family have moved in Alma-Ata, where in 1954 was given birth son Alex. Ekaterina to work preceptor in the orphanage in the Malaya stanitsa. It seven years work preceptor in this orphanage. 

With 1958 on 1963 s was taught in Tashkent pedagogical institute. With 1963 and before output on the pension worked managing in several kindergartens. 

Through several years after the death of first husband, Vladimir Efimovich, again leave get married. 

Ekaterina Timofeevna has a labor length of service more than 40 years. Presently it on pensions, has three children, six grandsons, three great-grandsons.

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