Poluboyartsev Alexey Dmitrievich
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Poluboyartsev Alexey Dmitrievich (code 1-12-1-001)

( ? - 1948.)

Birthplace: Vyatskaya guberniya, Russia

Wife - Poluboyartseva ( Beresneva ) Agrafena Ermolaevna

Childrens: Efim, Zinaida

Alexey Dmitrievich was given birth in Vyatskaya guberniya. Place lifes - a village Presnovka North-Kazakhstan area. On professions a joiner, it make to order beautiful furniture. All their own knowledges of Alexey Dmitrievich has got by itself and was well formed both in professional, and cultural sense. A big library was in the house. In the family Alexey Dmitrievich and Agrafena Ermolaevna was atmosphere of tenderness and kindnesses. 

Beside Alexey Dmitrievich was tragic fate: in 1937 year its have arrested and, as "enemy of folk", have sentenced to ten years of encampments, have sent on Kolyma. Country were required slaves – professionals. Returned from the conclusion of Alexey Dmitrievich summer 1948, gravely sick, and has deceased through 4-6 months, in winter. Arrest Alexeya Dmitrievicha become a beginning of tragedy of its family.