Poluboyartseva Agrafena Nikolaevna
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Poluboyartseva ( Beresneva ) Agrafena Nikolaevna (code 1-12-3-002)


Birthplace: Vyatskaya guberniya, Russia

Husband - Poluboyartsev Alexey Dmitrievich

Childrens: Efim, Zinaida

Agrafena Nikolaevna, was given birth in Vyatka. Place lifes - a village Presnovka North-Kazakhstan area. Before revolutions it worked a cook beside Boyarskiy, the most rich in the village, divorced live-stock.

Arrest Alexey Dmitrievich become a beginning of tragedy of its family. Is it Sharply worsenned material position: in the contents daughter has stayed two young children, itself Agrafena Nikolaevna, nephew Vladimir. But work her, as "daughter enemy of folk", allowed on villages only, 1-2 on one place, not allowing work in cities. In 1950 year have moved from Chesnokovka in to Kazakhstan. Lives on villages Mulaly, Kopal and the others, and in 1955 year have moved in Selektsiya, near by Alma-Ata. Soon after the death of husband beside Agrafena Nikolaevna has occurred a cerebral hemorrage, and before the most deaths it could not speak. Shortly before the death it has lost a possibility to go and lay near 1 year. Buried it in Selektsiya.