Mechtova Zinaida Alexeevna
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Mechtova ( Poluboyartseva ) Zinaida Alexeevna (code 1-13-1-005)


Birthplace: v.Presnovka, Omskaya guberniya, Russia

Spouse - Mechtov Ivan (06.06.1908-05.1985)

Childrens: Arkadiy, Vyacheslav, Inessa, Lidia

Zinaida Alexeevna has finished in Presnovka incomplete secondary school, in Petropavlovsk has finished a pedagogical college and with 1928 year was taught in the pedagogical institute of name Abay in Alma-Ata. After the completion of institute, in 1932 year, is returned to parents, one's abode in that time in Omsk. To teach in institute of name Abay, Zinaida Alexeevna has finished chemist - biological faculty, but taught russian and literature, because in 1933 year on annual regional conferences of teachers, before beginning of scholastic, it was conducted dictation amongst teachers and its have written without mistakes only five persons, including and Zinaida Alexeevna. Chairman of regional public education division has orderred that these five teachers taught russian and literature. So it become a tutoress of russian and literature. 

Zinaida Alexeevna with husband and son Arcadiy.

Arrest of father, Alexey Dmitrievich, become a beginning of tragedy of family. Is it Sharply worsenned material position: on contents Zinaida Alexeevna have stayed two juvenile children, aged mother, nephew Vladimir. But work her, as "daughter enemy of folk", allowed on villages only, 1-2 years on one place, not allowing work in cities. 

In 1950 year have moved from Chesnokovka in to Kazakhstan. Lives on villages Mulaly, Kopal and the others, and in 1955 year have moved in Selektsiya, near by Alma-Ata. Where it and has lived before the end lifes, working teacher in the school, but in the library then.