Poluboyartsev Vladimir Efimovich
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Poluboyartsev Vladimir Efimovich (code 1-14-1-008)

(12.08.1925 - 08.11.1990)

Birthplace: v.Presnovka, North-Kazakhstan area.

Wife - Poluboyartseva ( Borodenko ) Ekaterina Timofeevna

Children: Galina, Alexey


Given Birth in the village Presnovka North-Kazakhstan area. Its parents have deceased, when him was four, whereupon its has taken in its family grandparents, Poluboyartsev Alexey Dmitrievich. After grandparent have arrested and have sent in the Siberia, education Vladimir concerned with a daughter Alexey Dmitrievich, Mechtova Zinaida Alexeevna. Before the war Volodya has finished nine classes of secondary school, has got a profession a chauffeur. 

In 1943 year Vladimir Efimovich mobilized in the army. It has fallen soldierly part into the reserve. Their have sent on the front at the end of war only, on the liberation of such countries, as Austria, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, Rumania, Hungary. On the war it on the machine pulled a howitzer with soldiers. War for he has ended not 9 mays, but later: 

Encircled german part has decided to surrender only american army and go on breakthrough straight on location of their part, and they had a terrible fighting already 14 mays 1945.And plenty our soldier perished in this battle. 

Vladimir Efimovich was rewarded by medals: "For boldness", "For combat labour", "For liberation Vienna", "For the victory on Germany". 

Demobilized by the springtime 1949, in same year marry on Borodenko Ekaterina Timofeevna. They are settle in the village under Kostroma, in that place, in 1950 s, was given birth daughter Galina. Soon have moved in Parfenyevo, where Vladimir Efimovich carried hew trees on the motor vehicle "Studebaker". In 1953 year have moved in Kazakhstan, in Alma-Ata. Is it here made to work in the motor transport depot in the "Malaya stanitsa", carried cargoes on distant flights on Alma-Ata area. Son Alex was given birth In 1954 s. 

In 1969 s begin to work at the plant, where repair to the technician and mechanisms for the car road repair. There it work a chauffeur until leave on the pension in 1987 s. Tragically perish in night on 8 november 1990, his have killed ruffians.