Poluboyartsev Alexey Vladimirovich
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Poluboyartsev Alexey Vladimirovich (code 1-15-1-020)

Births date: 19.05.1954

Birthplace: Malaya stanitsa, Alma-Ata, Kazakhstan

Wife - Poluboyartseva ( Sotnikova ) Galina Fiodorovna

Children: Viktoria, Maxim

Place where lives: Almaty, Kazakhstan


Finished 8 classes school 43 in Alma-Ata. Finished electrical communication college in Alma-Ata in 1973 year. 10 mays 1973 was mobilized in the Soviet army. Served in radio to technical air defence service Moscow military neighborhood in cities Elets (dace) and Orel (Eagle). After army, in july 1975 year, begin to work at the mechanical engineer of electrical communication in telephone - telegraphic workshop of railway, where and works hitherto. 

Album with photographies.

Fascinations, hobby:

1 - collecting information for the fabrication of Genealogical tree of their own relatives. For this and has gained a computer.

2 - fabrication the stereoscopic slides.

3 - to make a wine from cherries, grape.