Bible genealogy: from Adam up to Jesus Christ

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Bible genealogy

from Adam up to Jesus Christ

The bible genealogy submitted on a site is made under texts of the Bible and materials of the religious and Christian literature ("The New Bible dictionary, Part1 - Bible characters", "People of the Bible", "Royal genealogy" Anderson, "Church history" Evsevij Pamfil, "The Exact statement of orthodox belief" John Damaskin, "Legends on terrestrial life of the Holly Virgin", "The Book of Anniversaries")

The bible genealogy is executed as the graphic diagrams generated by program Ages-Family Tree and edited with a view of improvement of perception of the information. The other version of display (Dynamic Family Tree) is located at

The length of the diagram, which is including about 1500 characters, is about ~7x2,5 meters that will create difficulties at viewing such big figure (and any browsers do not allow to display sheets of such size). Therefore I has broken whole picture into nine parts of the small diagrams of the smaller size. Besides on two sheets direct ancestors of the chosen characters are shown.

Yellow color allocates characters about whom it is spoken in texts of the Bible; blue color - the bible characters making marriages with characters from other branches of genealogy who cannot be united in one figure a beside. White color - characters about whom it is spoken in other editions and in researches of bibliographers (approximately 180 persons. 33 of From them, brought on "The Book of Anniversaries" can raise doubts). Capital LETTERS write names of ancestors of Jesus Christ on the man's line, written down in the Bible. The cursor changing a kind on means, that the image can be moved on the screen, having pressed the left button of the mouse.

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Pair people incorporated by a line from below - the spouse. If the line faltering - the woman is concubine or maidservant. Couple (or more) people incorporated by a line from above - children of the spouses represented above

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The main index of diagrams:
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The size of a sheet in centimeters
page1. From Adam up to Shem:Adam - Abel, Cain and descendants, Seth - Noah - Japheth and descendants, Ham and descendants, Shem - 108 persons 74x40

page2. From Shem up to Isaac: Shem - Eber - Joktan and descendants, Peleg - Terah - Nahor and descendants, Haran and descendants, Abraham and descendants - Isaac - 121 persons 104x36

page3. From Isaac up to Israel: Isaac - Esau and descendants, Israel+Zilpah and descendants, Israel+Bilhah and descendants; in addition - Seir Horite and descendants - 127 persons 93x32

page4. From Isaac up to Israel: Isaac - Israel+Rachel - Benjamin and descendants, Joseph and descendants - 209 persons 111x64

page5. From Isaac up to Israel: Isaac - Israel+Leah and descendants - Levi - 139 persons 129x59

page6. From Levi up to Azariah: Levi and descendants (leviticuses and priests) - Amram - Moses and descendants, Aaron and descendants - Azariah - 121 persons 96x46

page7. descendants of Azariah - Hasmonei - Flavij Iosif; in addition - dynasty an Herod - 127 persons 87x74

page8. From Judah up to David: Judah and descendants - Jesse - David and descendants - 276 persons 142x61

page9. From David up to Jesus Christ: David+Bathshua - Nathan and descendants, Solomon - Rehoboam - Joseph - Jesus Christ; in addition - kings of Israel - 250 persons 101x97


page10. ancestors of Jesus Christ - 250 persons 28x176

page11. ancestors of Job - 86 persons 23x79

page12. judges of Israel 33х46


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